NEJM Catalyst Ebook 2022 LP
NEJM Catalyst Ebook 2022

NEJM Catalyst eBook:

Digital Technology’s Promise
for Better Health Care Delivery

Your guide to digital technology transformation in your own organization.

Explore how your peers are using AI, telehealth, and wearables to improve health care delivery today
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Digital technologies like AI, wearables, and remote monitoring have the power to improve patient engagement, access, and outcomes, and boost provider satisfaction. Yet most health care professionals describe their organization as slow to adopt these emerging technologies. Health care leaders and clinicians got a glimpse into digital tech's opportunity during the Covid-19 pandemic, but are those gains here to stay and are they enough?

Download this free eBook to discover unique perspectives about the state of digital technology in health care delivery and access actionable advice for how to garner more support for digital technology in your own organization.

In this eBook, health care executives, clinical leaders, and clinicians share their front-line experiences and real-world advice, including:
  • Lessons learned during the Covid-19 pandemic, from the rapid rollout of telehealth, remote monitoring, and other digital tech.
  • Digital technology's role in caring for chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and dementia, as well as mental/behavioral health.
  • Technologies and strategies to improve communication, one of the toughest areas of care delivery.
  • The potential for analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to help improve quality and outcomes and reduce the cost of care.
  • How to overcome obstacles that exist today, including complex and costly EHR systems that continue to exhaust health care professionals.

The NEJM Catalyst Insights Council is a qualified group of executives, clinical leaders, and clinicians from around the globe who are directly involved in health care delivery and are eager to share their insights and experiences.

In Digital Technology's Promise for Better Health Care Delivery, we couple data from Insights Council surveys with real-world advice gleaned from one-on-one interviews with Insights Council members to help you introduce new technology into your organization and care delivery workflow.

Once you abandon the traditional thinking about health care and everything we do, then you can apply some amazing technology.”

Michael Kobernick, MD, MS, CPE,
Senior Medical Director at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
NEJM Catalyst Insights Council Member

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of health care organizations use
technology such as screening apps,
mindfulness and meditation apps, and
chat-based psychotherapy for mental
and behavioral health.



a majority of Council members, say
clinical leadership should be the driving
emerging technologies, while executive
leadership is currently the driver.